Why I Love Video On-Demand Services

So I eventually gave up on Channel 4's 4oD service after about a week because the software crashed like 3 times a day (when it wasn't even supposed to be doing anything).

I recently installed the BBC's iPlayer download manager (or is it a delivery manager? They don't seem to be sure which word they're going to use from one piece of UI text to the next). I'd been a happy user of the Flash-based web version of iPlayer, but I thought I'd try out the high quality download thing.

Now, I had configured it to only share programs when the Download Manager was running. That's the options btw - ON or OFF. What do you mean, you want to control the amount of bandwidth? Sod off - do you think it's your internet connection or something?

Anyway, even though it was supposed to be off, sure enough, after about a day of having it installed, I get the same stuff that 4oD used to throw at me:

So that's good.

I'm told they both use the same Kontiki piece of crap system for p2p sharing, which I guess is why they both crash more often than Britney Spears on a school run.

Nice job, guys. The £5m was totally worth it.