Software Development

Whilst by day I am a mild-mannered programmer, by night I'm quite often a less-well-mannered programmer. This page lists some of the projects I'm working on at the moment, or which I have finished.

I'm working on these projects for various reasons:

  • Learning new skills.
  • Needing/wanting a particular piece of software.
  • Because I want to.
  • Other people might look at my source code, and say:

      "Hey! You rock! Have a highly paid job! With cars! And girls! And blackjack! In fact, forget the job!"

Software What I've Written

If you want to see the software I've written, use the menu to the left, or click to see the applications and libraries.


Wherever possible I prefer to write portable software, and I have written some libraries to make this easier. A lot of the software here is open source - either GPL or LGPL. All software is marked with license, copyright and status information, so you know what you're getting with each package.

Software Status

Status of a piece of software is given as marks out of 10, for reliability and completeness. These marks are assigned by me, in case you are wondering. This is mainly so you can avoid wasting your time downloading and trying something you think is finished when it's really just a proof of concept, or barely even working.

Platform Support

At the moment all the software here (except the PHP code) is only compatible with Windows - when I get time, I'll look into supporting other platforms as and when appropriate (the most likely such platforms would be Linux and Mac OS X). This basically involves porting vOS and vGUI to a new platform, as I write my applications using these libraries as a portability layer. Some programs have a small amount of platform-specific code, but this is not usually significant.