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First Computer
Posted by Lyn Armstrong
(Lyn Armstrong's website)
11 years ago

March 3, 2006

Hi Tim, liked the picture of the Commodore, I used one of those at teacher's training college, but my first computer which I programmed in Binary Coded Decimal only had 400 memory spaces. (NCR 500) I wrote all sorts too, Sales ledger, cheque production, payroll, and stock control for a subsiduary of Rootes (Chrysler?) I don't program now but I did use Xara (a freebie on a magazine CD) to make the buttons for my website, its a good little program.

Sadly I think programming is a thing of my past but I completely agree with your sentiments about good programs being written with only small amounts of code. Mine had to be...( I did briefly teach programming in BASIC and the lads hated it when I insisted on flowcharts before they started coding.)


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