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Note left open & folded loses size occasionally
Posted by Sean
18 years ago

November 15, 2005

I have a note with my to-do list that I leave open all the time, "folded" so just the title bar is shown. Every now and then (like once or twice a week) I turn my computer on and un-fold the note to look at it and I find that it is only tall enough to show three lines of text when it should be a lot taller. I believe when this happens the note also loses a little width (appears to be equal to the width taken up by the scroll bar), though I'm not 100% sure.

I'm running Memento 1.12 on Windows 2000 (SP4) and I have Memento set to run at startup.

Thanks for such a handy program.



Posted by Sean
18 years ago

November 16, 2005

I've discovered exactly what's going wrong here and have been able to reliably reproduce it. The problem occurs when you have a folded/window-shaded note that isn't un-folded/opened during a Memento "session".

Steps to reproduce:

1. Run Memento.

2. Create a new note and notice its size.

3. Double-click the note's title bar to fold it.

4. Exit Memento.

5. Run Memento, but DON'T open/un-fold the new note.

6. Exit Memento.

7. Run Memento and open/un-fold the new note. It will be significantly smaller vertically and slightly smaller horizontally.



Posted by Tim
18 years ago

November 19, 2005

Thanks for your message - I have noticed this bug before and tracked it down, but haven't had time to fix it yet.



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