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Memento is Great (just one little request ...)
Posted by JRC
(JRC's website)
18 years ago

August 5, 2005

Hi Tim,

I've been using Memento since about version 1.06, and it is great. Light-weight, simple, and does everything a post-it-note program should do, and nothing it shouldn't!

Just one little thing I would appreciate is being able to configure where the notes file goes (ie. default to My Documents, and/or location of Memento as in Standalone mode, but able to change the default if required).

Anyway, keep Memento as simple as it is, it's a great little product.




Posted by Felipe
18 years ago

August 9, 2005

Hi Tim, I also believe Memento is a wonderful piece of software. Very in the spirit of 8-bit computing (for me it started with Atari) and well designed systems like Unix.

There are two features I would love to see in the program:

- Link text files. I usually write many .txt files to save things like idea lists, books I want to read, tasks to finish a project, etc... It would be nice to be able to "link" any file inside a note. That is, instead of reading/writing that note from Memento.notes, access it file from any location in the filesystem. This is useful for several reasons: some of this files may be under version control (CVS/SVN), backuping a project would include the notes, and it also diminishes the risk of losing data because of corruption (at least the risk is minized to losing one file). Maybe the Memento.notes should say something like [start:contents]include "c:/path.../file.txt" [end:contents].

- Avoid minization when the user clicks "Show Desktop".

That's it. Thank you for this great software.


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