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Index directory names too?
Posted by garyo
17 years ago

June 8, 2005

Just installed FastFind -- it's just what I was looking for, something like slocate for linux but on Windows.

I recently did a System Restore and now I have all these bogus directories ending with "(2)" like "Program Files(2)" and so on. It would be cool for me at least if FastFind indexed directory names as well as file names, so I could delete or at least find all of these (2) thingies. Not sure if you're still interested in working on FastFind, but if you are, there's an idea for you...

thanks for a useful, small, sensible program!

-- Gary Oberbrunner


Posted by Tim
17 years ago

June 11, 2005

Actually, FastFind does index directory names - I use that feature myself fairly often.

The directories are the ones in the results list with no entry in the 'Size' column.

I should probably make that more day :).



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