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Is ".notes" the data file
Posted by Bauminator
15 years ago

April 1, 2009

Hi, I wanted to transfer the data file(where my actual notes are saved) or copy it over my laptop note file so that my desktop notes will replace my laptop notes. Is that what the other thread was refering to? I can't see why I can't copy a file over the other existing file. I just can't seem to identify which file is the actual notes or data file.

I would have entered my email address but it didn't say whether it was going to be public or not. I get so much spam that I would prefer it to be private just for your eyes only :)


Posted by Jally
15 years ago

April 21, 2009

Try opening the file with Notepad.


Posted by Tim
15 years ago

April 21, 2009

Oh sorry I forgot to reply to this.

Anyway, you can copy the file from one PC to another - the file is called 'Memento.notes', and is in your 'My Documents' folder.

You should not do this while Memento is running, because the next time Memento saves the notes it will just over-write your notes file.

So if you're copying notes from machine A to B:

1. Stop running Memento on machine B (Exit on the menu)

2. Copy Memento.notes from A to the 'My Documents' folder on B.

3. Run Memento on B.

You should be all done.


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