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Vista support
Posted by gadget
12 years ago

November 23, 2008

Hello guys or Sir :)

i have been looking for a programe to do exactly what you have developed , but it appears your switch programe does not work on vista or at least i cant get it to work

i appreciate this is an old app , but is there any chance you could develop this to work on vista as i have found the best way to use VMCE is in a single screen configuration , although i have 2 screens connected , i only use the single screen config in the display drivers options

screen 1 is in my front room 50" Plas and screen 2 is a 17" PC screen sat on my desk and above my HTPC in another room , to swap between the 2 screens is a right royal pain and involves as i`m sure your aware , much mouse movement not easy in my front room and much running between the 2 rooms trying to catch the 10 sec timeout before it returns to the front room again ...arrrgghhhh

your progy would be perfect tbh , well actually i would prefer an option within VMCE itself but hey beggars cant be choosers

can you help at all please , it would save me so much agro


Posted by Tim
12 years ago

November 23, 2008

I don't run MCE on Vista, so until I do, it's unlikely I will update this app to work with it.

It just depends on when I feel compelled to switch to Vista. Right now, I don't.


Posted by conquer
12 years ago

January 31, 2009


same problem over here. this cute little program doesn't run on vista mce.

Any idea when a update for vista will be developed ?




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