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Command line search term
Posted by djbear
11 years ago

November 26, 2007

First of all -- Yowzah!!! I haven't been really impressed by the functionality of a program in probably a decade, but FastFind knocked me off my chair. This little program really does its job well!! A very big thanks for this utility.

Now, to the subject of the post. I'd like to request the ability to run FastFind from the command line with the search term as a parameter. I'd like this because there's another great program called Launchy ( which, if used to launch FastFind, would make finding any file on your computer about a half second operation, from program invoke to results displayed. (And it would save me a couple of keystrokes.)

While I'm asking... how about an option to always sort by folder after the search is complete?

But mostly - THANKS!


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