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Switch Mce for vista
Posted by Dominic
13 years ago

September 19, 2007

Just wondering if i could install this on my vista Mce? If not will you be making a version for vista?


Posted by Tim
13 years ago

December 10, 2007

Oops - managed to miss this message.

Anyway, I believe SwitchMCE will not work on Vista - I don't have Vista installed (because when I tried it, it actually removed some features of XP MCE that I actually want/need).


Posted by LongChair
13 years ago

December 20, 2007

Kind of sad it wouldnt work on Vista.

Which kind of functions would make it not work under vista ? Maybe it is just working, anyone tried it ?

I am having actually another problem. I have one 4/3 display my ole good TV) and another 4/3 display (an LCD panel) which is used in a DIY Projector. I am only using part of the lcd screen and running it in 16/9 on my 4/3 lcd panel ( with the /widescreen toggle).

Would it be possible to have such a feature in mceswitch (force an aspect ratio switch on a given display ?).


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