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Scroll Bug & Feature request
Posted by murray
16 years ago

June 6, 2007


Firstly, Great little app, finding this saved me from writing my own.

Not sure if the following has been mentioned before, apologies if so.

Feature request: Have the scroll-bar "auto" visible. Ie, only appear when the text is larger than the window size, and needs scrolling. This is something I have seen in many places, web browsers being the most obvious one (as I'm staring at one as I write this!)

Memento is wonderful as a low-clutter text memo window, so you don't want to waste more real-estate with a grayed out scrollbar, but you still need it when there is text to be scrolled.

That leads me on to my observed bug:

Without the scroll bar visible, the mouse-wheel (on my system) does not scroll the text.

Nice program, please keep developing (or release the source, so the program survives!)

Another thought: ever considered enabling the transparency functionality for the "always on top" windows?



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